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Giving to Leigh Elim Church

Giving should not be seen just as a duty but as a means of worship; saying thanks to God for all that He has done for us through Jesus. 

Leigh Elim Church is a local church with local programmes. All our expenditure whether paying the bills, paying salary or community events has to be raised locally.

We are not paid by a central HQ. Giving ensures that these local programmes can function - programmes such as our FREE community cafe, our subsidised parent and toddler group, pastoral care funds for those in need and much more together with maintaining the building and other ministry expenditure.

Giving couldn't be easier.

1) You can give during our services and arrange to gift aid your donations. If you pay income tax then the value of your gift can be increased by 25%. Envelopes are available at the church. 

2) Smart phone giving. A quick and easy way using your smart phone. Simply text CL007 to 64647 and then follow the simple instructions you will be sent. The minimum gift is £2, requires a mobile phone with web access and a debit/credit card.

3) Increasingly people are wanting to give online.  You can make a secure donation by clicking on https://elim.paythru.com/t/QhYT1TEQ The minimum donation is £5 and there is the option of setting up a secure Paythru account for any future donations. Requires a debit or credit card.

4) Set up a standing order with your bank. Easy and effortless. You can also Gift Aid this as well, meaning that even more of your money (at no extra cost to you) will be used to further the work.

Please see John, our finance officer for details or send an email to get further information.


Thank you all for supporting the work of Leigh Elim Church, together we can make a difference.